D'Aguilar National Park - 31 August 2011

August 31, 2011

Another trip searching for nocturnal birds in D'Aguilar National Park was successful, with good views of both Marbled Frogmouth and Sooty Owl.

 Frogmouth Trail

I arrived in time to get some birding in before dark, trying a trail I'd not birded before, about 5.5km past Maiala on the north side of the road. It was productive, with the highlights being several Noisy Pittas calling, a couple of Paradise Riflebirds including a cracking male, and a small family party of Australian Logrunners.

As dark fell I met two other Brisbane birders, George and Jim, who had decided to join me for the hunt. Soon after dark we had our first Marbled Frogmouths calling, with a pair duetting nearby. After a little playback the male soon came in and posed for some great photos (thanks George Chapman for letting me put it up here). We tried for Sooty Owl and heard one distant bird, but it wouldn't come in.

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 Manorina Rest Area, Mt Glorious

Our third stop for the night was at Manorina Rest Area, scene of my success a couple of weeks earlier. We had another good night, with what we suspect was a fledgling Sooty Owl calling almost continually back in the forest. We couldn't get close to it because of the thick undergrowth, but the parent soon came in, perching high up in the canopy and giving its insect-like trill. This made it easy to locate, and we were able to get pretty reasonable views.

On that note we called it quits after a very successful night.

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 Brown's Rd, Maiala

Our next stop was the well known Brown's Rd, at Maiala near Mt Glorious. The first bird we heard on arrival was a Marbled Frogmouth, but we were after more Sooty Owls. We did hear a distant owl, but it could not be tempted to come any closer.

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Simon Mustoe on September 16, 2011 about D'Aguilar National Park - 31 August 2011

Nick, that's enough, I can't stand it. I still need that bird and it's going to be a while 'til I get the chance.

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